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Hello, I'm Danielle!

Specializing in dimensional blondes and brunettes.

"I believe in living your dream life every day. For me, that's traveling, everything outdoors and meeting new clients. During your visit you'll learn that I enjoy cooking, I can plan a trip on a budget, and I spend my time with my husband and pup ZuZu."

"My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is learning about my clients and giving them the best hair and experience based on what I learn about them. I help you love your hair again!

If you sit in my chair, plan on having your hair concerns remedied, getting some hair education and definitely sharing some laughs. I'll have you relaxed, recharged and returning to the world feeling gorgeous."

I became a hair stylist after realizing I love creating art and helping people see the beauty in themselves. My happiest days are the ones where I can see/feel the excitement of my client at the beginning of their appointment. Only to be outdone by their even giddier reaction at the end of the visit. I could never grow numb to those reactions; they are what keep me wanting to learn and grow as your stylist.

I am never without adventure or excitement. I can turn anything into an experience and want the same for everyone around me. You'll quickly learn that I have a love of making cozy spaces. On my time off, you can find me cooking a good meal, traveling in my camper or drumming up new ideas for whichever holiday is around the corner.

Having dimensional hair color myself, I knew access to a salon that specialized in this was tough. I longed for a salon that was an experience. One that paid close attention to the fine details of the salon visit as a whole. Did the finished look meet or exceed my expectation? Did I feel welcomed and relaxed? Was I leaving with a 5-star experience? With these questions in mind, Cranberry & Pine was born. I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your gorgeous locks and salon experience to the next level.
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